GP Negligence Claims

It goes without saying that the overwhelming majority of Medical Professionals do not set out to cause any injury to their patients.  Sometimes though, things can go wrong when under the care of a GP or Doctor.  An incorrect prescription, misdiagnosis, oversight in medical records or crucial delay can have devastating effects.

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If you have had a problem whilst under the care of  your GP there is no need to feel intimidated. We handle cases like these on a regular basis and have appropriate experience to enable you to recover suitable compensation in respect of the suffering you have endured.

To find out more, please contact us on 0333 444 4422 or fill in our contact form.

At Tilly Bailey & Irvine, our GP negligence solicitors are part of a full-service, award-winning law firm.  Our personal injury team is led by John Hall.  As well as having years of experience running medical negligence cases, John is a panel member of Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and a Senior Litigator with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

John and his team are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate, knowledgeable service to all our clients.  We understand that negligence by a GP can cause devastating consequences, including, sadly, early death.  When you instruct us, you can be confident that you will receive a high standard of client care, which includes your emails and phone calls being returned promptly and being kept fully up to date with the progress of your claim.

What is GP negligence?

For most of us, a GP is the first port of call if we are feeling unwell.  In most cases, GPs provide outstanding service, treating what they can and referring cases that need more investigation to specialists.

However, GPs are only human, and they do make mistakes.  Add to human fallibility the relentless squeeze on NHS budgets, which requires GPs to spend less time with patients to fit more in, and you have all the ingredients required for negligence to occur.

GP negligence can take on many forms.  Many claims of GP negligence result from delays and incorrect diagnosis.  These can come to light following the death of a patient or as a result of a poor or unexpected outcome, such as emergency hospital admission, particularly if the complainant or their family believed an earlier diagnosis could have made the difference.

Other examples of GP negligence include:

  • not making a thorough examination of the patient
  • misdiagnosing or not diagnosing a patient’s condition
  • failing to check the patient’s medical history
  • not arranging an urgent referral to a specialist
  • not keeping proper records of home visits or phone calls
  • failing to act on a specialist’s report
  • not providing adequate follow-up care
  • prescribing the wrong medication

Can you sue your GP for negligence?

If your doctor’s act or omission has resulted in your suffering harm, you may be able to sue your GP personally. Most GP surgeries are not owned by the NHS, rather the surgery contracts out services to the NHS.  The NHS is responsible for this contract and making sure it is carried out correctly.

Making a claim for compensation against the NHS for GP, hospital or medical negligence claims is a complex process.  We have years of experience in managing successful medical negligence claims and understand how to reach an adequate settlement without having to litigate.  On the rare occasions when going to court is inevitable, you can be assured that we will robustly represent you and get you the compensation you need to start rehabilitation or counselling (if you have suffered psychological trauma) and move on with your life.

How to make a complaint about GP negligence

The NHS Constitution[1] states you have a right to complain about any treatment you receive from its providers.  This includes GPs.  You should receive acknowledgement of your complaint within three working days and a written explanation of the outcome.

If you are not happy with how your GP negligence complaint has been handled, you can complain to the Ombudsman.

An Ombudsman is independent of the NHS and can not only fix your complaint but can make recommendations to the GP practice, so the negligence you suffered does not happen to anyone else in the future.

How do you make a GP negligence claim

To make a claim against a GP for negligence, the first step to take is to call our medical negligence team on 0333 444 4422. We will quickly assess whether you have a good chance at claiming compensation. 

Under the Limitation Act 1980, you have three years from the date the injury occurred or the date you were deemed to have knowledge of the negligence to make a clinical negligence claim unless there are exceptional circumstances.  If you try to claim for compensation after this time, you may find that your claim is time-barred.  It is therefore crucial that your contact us as soon as possible if you believe you are a victim of medical, hospital or GP negligence.

We understand how much financial pressure the victims of GP negligence are often under.  Therefore, we offer no win, no fee arrangements to our medical negligence clients.  This means that if we cannot successfully obtain compensation for you, you will not pay any legal fees (although you may have to pay disbursements).

To find out more about how we can advise you on a GP negligence claim, please call us on 0333 444 4422 to talk to one of our solicitors.



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