Exposure to Hazardous and Toxic Substances at Work

Your employer has a legal duty of care to provide you with the correct training and safety equipment if you work with a hazardous or toxic substance.

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If you work in this kind of environment and you haven’t been given the correct training and/or the correct safety equipment then your employer has failed in their duty of care to you.

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Working with hazardous or toxic substances - employer responsibilities

When work has been undertaken with hazardous or toxic substances your employer is required by law to undertake suitable risk assessments to assess the hazardous properties of the hazardous substances and implement any control measures to prevent exposure.

The risk assessment must identify any information and all training that needs to be provided to any and all employees that will be working with/exposed to the substances.

The level of exposure to the hazardous or toxic substances must be stringently monitored on a regular basis.

Health surveillance for all employees who come into contact with or have the potential to come into contact with the substances must also be in place.

A regular review of personal protective equipment (PPE) and any control measures that have been put into place must take place, with regular and accurate records kept.

Correct training and personal protective equipment - it's the law!

If you work with hazardous or toxic substances you should not under any circumstances undertake any work unless you have received the correct training and have received the correct personal protective equipment.

Full training on the correct use of personal protective equipment and any control measures that have been put in place must be provided.

Injured at work: can I make a claim?

If you work with hazardous or toxic substances and you have found yourself injured, suffering from health problems or you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness as a result of your employers neglect, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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