Adrienne Harris
  • Adrienne Harris

  • Litigation Executive

Career history:

Started as a secretary at what was then Donnelly Adamson,  did A level law and since then worked up finishing my latter years with them as a fee earner.  I was there for ten years.  Since then I was asked to join the PI team at TBI LLP and the rest as they say is history.  I have also worked as  a Clinique Cosmetic Consultant and as Customer Relations in a car dealership.  

Experience and Expertise:

I have worked in personal injury as a fee earner for 14 years.

Career Highlights:

Appearing on TV in Milan

When You Were a Child, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

Ballet Dancer

Describe Any Interesting Facts About You? Personal Achievements?

I succeeded in my ambition to perform as a professional dancer touring different countries with a song and dance company. I then returned to the town where I became the choreographer for the local amateur dramatic groups. I now restrict my theatrical doings to being a member of Hartlepool Ladies Choir. 

What One Thing Could You Not Live Without?

My hair dryer.