Mark Ellis
  • Mark Ellis

  • Partner


  • LLB HONS from Hull University

Legal Qualifications:

College of Law, Guilford 1986

Year of Admission:   


Career History:

Articled Clerk – Jacksons Monk and Rowe 1986 – 1988

Solicitor – Tilly Bailey & Irvine 1988 – 1993

Partner – Tilly Bailey & Irvine 1993 -  Present


Experience and Expertise:

I have specialised in personal injury litigation since 1988.  I have acted for a large number of injured claimants since 1988, securing compensation either by negotiation or litigation where necessary.  I deal with road traffic accidents, accidents at work,  and trips and falls, although I now specialise mainly in industrial disease claims. 

I have and do act for a large number of claimants who are suffering from noise induced hearing loss, hand/arm vibration syndrome, COPD and asbestos related injuries.  These types of claims can be complex, for a number of reasons.  There can in some cases be a large number of former employers who may have contributed to the Claimant’s condition, often going back decades, and some of whom will no longer be in existence.  This creates a number of challenges, such as finding the correct employers liability insurers and tracing witnesses.  However, I enjoy a challenge and as such have been successful in securing compensation for a large number of Claimants in these circumstances. 


Career Highlights:

I have acted for many clients over the years and it is always satisfying to get a result that they are happy with.  A few highlights are as follows:-

  • Securing damages in excess of £100,000 for a ground worker who was suffering from HAVS
  • Securing damages for a number of mesothelioma cases for both living and deceased clients in excess of £250,000
  • Recovering damages in excess of £450,000 for a client who was involved in an accident at work and had multiple injuries
  • Road Traffic Accident claims with multiple injury recovering in excess of £500,000

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A biology teacher.

Why law as a career?

Driven by a desire to get justice for people who were injured through no fault of their own. 

Describe any interesting facts about you?

I have a passion for travelling and extreme sports which has taken me all over the world.  This pastime has seen me travel to destinations far and wide.   I have travelled to the Amazon and climbed many of world’s highest mountains.  I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (highest in Africa); Aconcagua (highest in South America); Elbrus (highest in Europe); Ararat (was highest in Europe) and many of the UKs highest peaks. 

Also my interest in martial arts has taken me across the word from boxing in Cuba, Brazilian Jujitsu in Brazil and  kick boxing in Thailand.   I am the holder of a  Second Dan Black belt in karate/kick boxing.  My interest even got me to the stage where I was involved in cage fighting although I am well and truly retired from this now !

Hobbies and interests

I enjoy travelling, keeping fit and going to gigs.