Peter Jackson
  • Peter Jackson

  • Investment Manager


Nottingham University, BA (Hons) 1973, IMC 1994, CISI PCIAM Level 6, 2013. 

Career History:

Oil industry 1976 to 1986

Barclays Bank 1986 to 1987

Maunby Investment Management 1987 to 1996

Tilly Bailey & Irvine 1996 to Present 

Experience and Expertise:

For 28 years, I managed private client discretionary portfolios for individuals, including, Trusts, small Pension schemes (SIPPs and SSASs) and charities using a full range of investments.

Corporate Social Responsibility/Pro Bono/Community Relations:

Chairman of Finance and Governor ,Primary school , Leeds,1992 /2008

Professional Memberships/Directorship:

TBI is a member of the WMA, the Wealth Managers’ Association

I am a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI ) and, under its auspices, a Chartered Wealth Manager

Describe any personal achievements

Summiting six mountains over 5000m  (16500 feet) in the Caucuses, South America and Africa, five of them in the last 15 years. Playing rugby till 49 years.

Hobbies and interests

Foreign travel to places where most people don’t go; mountaineering, hiking, skiing, cooking and eating