Rebecca Samuels
  • Rebecca Samuels

  • Partner

Joined in: 2003
Position: Salaried Partner
Specialises in: Family
Qualification: LLB Hons
Education: University of Teesside/College of Law LPC

Rebecca Samuels joined Tilly Bailey & Irvine as a trainee solicitor in 2003, qualifying as a solicitor in Family Law in 2005. She is now a Salaried Partner in 2016.

Rebecca is responsible for managing the family department at TBI's Stockton Office. The specialist team cater for divorce, matrimonial matters, domestic abuse, private law children matters (Parental Responsibility, Child Arrangements, Step Parent Adoption), Public Law Children and cases involving honour based violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation.

She is also a member of the Law Society Children Panel as she specialises in matters involving children.

Her work had involved many complex cases, exonerating those accused by a Local Authority of harming a child. Rebecca ensures reunification of children within their birth family and leaves them safer from risks posed.

Her particular highlights have been cases in which families have been able to retain care of their children. One in particular came from a family with learning difficulties; the application of social services, supported by the court appointed Guardian was for the child to be adopted. Following a contested hearing the court supported the baby being returned to his parents where he continues to thrive years later.

Not only does Rebecca lead a strong local team of specialists to help you, but she has always reached out to help local causes against such issues as domestic violence.