Wendy Beacom
  • Wendy Beacom

  • Chartered Legal Executive

Legal Qualifications:

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

Year Of Admission:


Career History:

Trainee Legal Executive/Chartered Legal Executive:  Latimer Hinks 1989 – 2001

Chartered Legal Executive: Jacksons 2002 – 2011

Chartered Legal Executive: Silk Family Law 2011 – 2017

Chartered Legal Executive: Tilly Bailey & Irvine –  August 2017 to present

Experience and Expertise:

Expertise in resolving financial issues arising from divorce proceedings, separation or the breakdown of a relationship where parties are not married. 

I have experience in advising clients with business interests, cases with a farming aspect and also where the party is in the weaker position financially.

Significant expertise in resolving disputes regarding child arrangements whether it is where a child shall live (in the UK or abroad) and the amount of time a child shall spend with the other parent. 

I also have experience in advising in pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

Career Highlights:

Qualifying as a Chartered Legal Executive.  This is an alternative route to qualifying as a lawyer whereby, alongside formal studies, you are actually working in a law practice gaining invaluable practical experience on a day to day basis. 

There have been many highlights in being able to successfully resolve financial issues for parties.  However, being able to secure the retention of a family business for a client by being creative in utilising other assets including pension provision for the other spouse was a really good outcome for one client. 

Successfully advising in cases involving a parent wishing to relocate within the UK where the other parent will not agree to the children relocating. 


Resolution accredited specialist in complex financial issues and children matters.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A gymnast having grown up in the era of the great Eastern Block gymnasts but having to face the fact that I was really not that flexible! Reality must have kicked in after that as I did not know which profession I wanted to be in but liked the idea of walking down the street with a brief case. Little did I know that one or two years later I would be walking in to court rooms with my brief case.
Why law as a career?
I was working as a secretary in a law firm and was trusted to have a greater involvement in the preparation of documents but also I like the interaction with people. Family law allows me interaction with which I thoroughly enjoy. My clients are going through a journey in their lives and I want to make sure that journey is one they go through coming out the other side positively.
Describe any interesting facts about yourself
Finding out that I enjoy standing on the side of a football pitch watching an actual game.  My son is passionate about football and I am constantly being cross-examined as to who plays for which team.

Being amazed that I can bake a mean lemon drizzle cake.

Going from my couch to running 5km for charity.  It may not be the GNR but believe me it felt like it!

What one thing could you not live without?

My family

Hobbies and interests

Whilst I am no great cook, I love to cook at home for family and friends. The whole sociable side to catching up with everyone’s news over the dinner table is a real winner for me. 

We have recently acquired a dog who is a little darling but I’m not sure how I’ve been roped into doing the early morning walks!