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Have you suffered from industrial or occupational injury at work? Tilly Bailey & Irvine's North East Solicitors in Hartlepool and Stockton-on-tees have the specialist knowledge and experience to support your claim.

All of us expect to return home from work safely.  But every year, thousands of us are injured at work whilst doing our jobs.

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Workplace injuries can be among the most devastating we encounter, and tragically, many are entirely preventable.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure that working conditions are safe for employees.  If you have become ill or injured through work and your employer is found to be responsible, you could be entitled to compensation.

At Tilly Bailey & Irvine, our industrial injury claims solicitors are part of a full-service, award-winning law firm.  Our personal injury team is led by John Hall.  As well as having years of experience running workplace injury claims cases, John is a panel member of Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and a Senior Litigator with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

John and his team are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate, knowledgeable service to all our clients.  We understand the personal devastation and financial loss an occupational injury can cause you and your family.  John and his team support and advise you over the entire term of your claim.  You can be confident that you will receive a high standard of client care, which includes your emails and phone calls being returned promptly and being kept fully up to date with the progress of your claim.

What is an industrial injury?

An industrial injury is an injury sustained at the place of your employment.  It can constitute a physical or mental injury.

Common causes of industrial accidents

Workplace injuries can occur in a multitude of forms.  We have represented all types of employees, from those who have worked in a city office to miners, farmers, and construction workers.

Examples of some of the most common causes of workplace injuries include:

  • trips, slips, and falls
  • being hit by a moving vehicle
  • being struck by falling objects
  • Injuries caused by plant equipment, including tools and machinery
  • severed or crushed arms, fingers, or legs
  • explosions
  • fires
  • chemical burns
  • closed head injuries
  • neck injuries
  • back injuries
  • smoke or toxic fume inhalation
  • exposure to dangerous chemicals
  • poor maintenance, supervision, and/or inadequate training
  • hearing or vision loss
  • repetitive strain injuries

How to report an industrial accident

If you have suffered from an occupational injury, it is crucial that it is reported correctly and you take the following steps to improve your chances of claiming compensation:

  1. Firstly, seek medical attention and ask your doctor for a copy of the medical report.
  2. Report the accident to your employer as soon as you can.  If you are too ill to do this, have a friend, family member or work colleague do it for you.
  3. Make sure the accident is recorded correctly.  In cases of serious injury, your accident must be reported in compliance with the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR)
  4. Take the names and addresses of any witness to the accident and write down all the details of the event you remember.
  5. Do not admit fault, just concentrate on getting medical attention.

As soon as possible, contact our personal injury solicitors who have specialist experience in managing industrial injury claims.  This is because the Limitation Act 1980 requires personal injury claims to be made within three years of the injury occurring unless there are exceptional circumstances.

How to make an industrial injury claim

We know it can be difficult to bring a claim against an employer, especially if it’s a relatively large organisation.  With the backing of our personal injury team, you will feel confident in bringing a claim for compensation to help you fund your rehabilitation and cover any loss of income if you are unable to work.

If you are suffering the effects of an occupational injury, such as hearing loss or back pain, and you feel you have a case against an employer, past or present we want to help.  Even if your employment dates back several years or your employer is no longer trading, it may still be possible to bring a claim.

Remember, employers must have insurance to cover them in the case of such claims.  You will not be taking money from them in person, and if you have been injured because of their negligence, they will fully expect a compensation claim to be brought.  It is against the law for you to suffer harassment because you choose to bring a claim.  Because we are a full-service law firm, our personal injury solicitors can collaborate with our employment team to advise and support you if you experience any problems at work after launching a claim.

How long does an industrial injury claim take?

The length of time it will take to settle your claim will depend on several factors, including:

  • the complexity of your case
  • the amount of evidence available to prove negligence occurred
  • how early a settlement is offered or accepted

You can be confident that by instructing our industrial injury solicitors, you will be advised, represented, and supported throughout the entire length of your claim.

To help you budget when making an industrial accident claim, we offer a no win, no fee arrangement for our services.  This means that if we are not successful in obtaining compensation for your occupational injury, you will not pay any legal fees (although you may have to pay disbursements).

What is the Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit?

If you have suffered an injury at work, you may be entitled to receive a benefit under the Industrial Injuries Scheme.

The scheme provides a no-fault benefit for disablement because of an accident at work, or because of one of over 70 prescribed diseases known to be a risk from certain jobs.  The scheme also covers people working on approved employment training schemes or courses.

Our industrial injury solicitors will advise you on whether you are eligible to receive a benefit under the Industrial Injuries Scheme.

To find out more about how we can advise you on an industrial injury claim, please call us on 0333 444 4422 to talk to one of our solicitors.

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