What Are Energy Performance Certificates?

An energy performance certificate, otherwise known as an EPC, is required whenever a property is built,sold or rented in the United Kingdom. During the process of selling the property, it is a legal requirement for the seller to provide the buyer with an EPC.  It is the role of your legal advisor to ensure an EPC is provided if you are purchasing a property.

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What Is An EPC?

An EPC is a document which details the energy efficiency of a building. The EPC provides a property with an energy rating, with ratings provided on a scale from A-G. A rating of "A" means that the property is classed as highly efficient with a rating of "G" meaning that the property is at the lower end of the efficiency scale. It has been a legal requirement to provide an EPC since 2008. A majority of new properties, or properties which have been sold in the last decade, will have an EPC and this will be available on the EPC register at www.epcregister.com.

When a property has not been sold for a reasonable amount of time, you may find that the property does not yet hold an EPC. In this case, Tilly Bailey & Irvine can put you in touch with local estate agents, or an EPC provider, who will be able to produce an EPC for you.

It should be noted that there are certain circumstances whereby an EPC is not required for residential property, including the following scenarios:-

1.   Buildings that are due to be demolished

2.   Holiday accommodation which is rented out for less that four months of the year or is let out under a licence to occupy

3.   Listed buildings - they do not require an EPC

4.   Residential buildings intended to be used for less that four months of the year

Should you have any doubt as to whether or not your property will require an EPC, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be able to discuss the requirements with you.